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Who Are We?

Artin is a furnished rental marketing company. Founded in 2019, Artin has established its success by streamlining exceptional furnished accommodations for guests and providing turnkey rental solutions for homeowners. Operating with ambition and integrity is the foundation to obtaining results and building strong relationships with our clients.

Our Story

At 18, Jordan Deyrmenjian independently spearheaded a renovation of his grandfather's home, transforming it into an upscale, modernized property. However, a decline in Vancouver's housing market derailed Jordan’s plans to sell the home. To counter this roadblock, he began offering the home as a short-term rental while living there, discovering his passion for hospitality by way of offering a genuine & enjoyable experience for his guests. Word-of-mouth referrals led him to manage several more homes on other people’s behalf, which brought him to a realisation; his city was in need of dynamic & flexible housing.

Jordan's innovative short-term rental model filled a gap for dynamic housing, offering unprecedented value to clients who desired to rent their homes when needing to travel or live elsewhere. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 and the travel industry was brought to a standstill, Jordan was forced to pivot his business. He began providing accommodations for hospital staff, company executives, and families with insurance claims. Despite the challenges, Jordan's guest-centric approach helped him build a network of companies consistently in need of housing accommodations in Vancouver, earning his clients a multiple of their market rent and providing guests with exceptional hospitality and furnished accommodations.

Today, Artin Properties, named after Jordan's grandfather, manages over 120 properties and employs over 10 full-time office staff and more than 15 in-house cleaners. Artin Properties is a leader in British Columbia's home accommodations space, having accommodated over 40,000 guests and provided accommodations for countless companies in need of housing for staff and clients.

Jordan's vision for Artin is to elevate its status as Vancouver's premier furnished rental and accommodation company. Artin Properties plans to introduce its Shotel concierge service, which will offer amenities and services similar to those provided by 5-star hotels through partnerships with local businesses.

Artin's story has only begun, but can thus far be attributed to being proactive, ambitious and leading with integrity.

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Meet our Team

Jordan Deyrmenjian
Thomas Chan
Executive administrator
Kyle Uy
General Manager
Katie Evanuk
Design & Sales
Linette Sandoval
Head of Hospitality
Chad Anderson
Communications Coordinator

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